The second collaboration of TV anime "BANANA FISH" x Megane Flower is on sale!

Reproduced the sunglasses worn by Ash and Eiji in the work.

A stylish Wellington ash model and a unique round metal Eiji model.
Cuts over 99.9% of UV rays.
You can use it as a practical item while enjoying the world view of BANANA FISH.

As a purchase privilege, an original glasses wipe and an original sunglasses case are included.

It will be sold exclusively at the EC shop from 10:00 AM Japan time on December 7th.

Ash Lynx model
Reproduce the sunglasses worn by Ash.
Stylish Wellington cell frame.
It is a dark gray lens that is easy to use every day.

Bananafish logo outside left temple
Ash name on outside right temple end
Stylish and easy to use Wellington cell frame

Eiji Okumura model
Reproduce the sunglasses worn by Eiji.
Classic round metal frame.
It is a purple lens that you can enjoy unique fashion.

Bananafish logo outside left temple
Eiji's name is engraved on the outside of the right temple end
Classic and unique round metal frame

Megane Flower Original Anime Sunglass Scene Photo Glasses Wipe (1 per model)
Megane Flower original glasses wipes are included.
Adopted an impressive anime scene with sunglasses.

Megane Flower original sunglasses case
Comes with a soft fabric sunglasses case that is lightweight and easy to carry.

Collaboration eyeglass frame sale

Frame single item 11,000 yen including tax

ASH LYNX model

Reproduce the metal frame worn by ASH. The details are decorated with the BANANA FISH motif to express the world of anime.

Ash name on the inside of the right temple end

BANANA FISH logo on both sides of the temple end

Gun motif inside the left temple end

MEGANE FLOWER original Teaser visual glasses wipe

MEGANE FLOWER original glasses wipe is included. I used a teaser visual with an impressive back view of ASH.

Favorite book type glasses case

Can store 2 glasses. Comes with MEGANE FLOWER original glasses case, which is inspired by the books that ASH is reading.

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